Trending Long Beard Styles for Men

Discover 10 Trending Long Beard Styles for Men

Hey Gentlemen, with that Long Beard Styles.

Ready to turn your beard game up a notch? Let’s explore and discover the world of long beard styles and styling a long beard that are taking the men's grooming scene by storm.

Let's dive into the top 10 trending long beard styles and break down everything you need to know to rock these looks.


1. Viking Long Beard Styles

Viking Long Beard Styles

The Viking Long Beard Styles is all about length and volume, drawing inspiration from Norse Warriors. This Viking Long Beard Styles reflects and showcase strength and rugged masculinity.

Classic Viking

The Classic Viking Long Beard Styles is full and wild beard style, reminiscent of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok.

Classic Viking Long Beard Styles

Image Credit: @streetlooksguys

Braided Viking

The Braided Viking Long Beard Styles incorporates braids for a fierce and intricate appearance.

Braided Viking Long Beard Styles
Image Credit: @dakisavic
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, Rectangular
  • Prefer Hairstyle: Man Bun, Undercut
  • Products to UseBeard Oil, Beard Balm
  • Additional Tips: Regular trimming to maintain beard shape.


2. Faded Long Beard Styles

Faded Long Beard Styles

Image Credit: @badjeremy 

Blend elegance and charm with a hint of ruggedness with the long beard fade styles. A sophisticated faded long beard styleswhere the beard gradually fades into the skin, blending effortlessly and seamlessly.

High Fade

High faded long beard styles starts high on the cheeks, offering a sharp contrast.

Image Credit: @_shansandaru_

Low Fade

Low faded long beard styles is more subtle, starting lower down the face.

Image Credit: @badjeremy


3. Long Goatee Beard Styles

Long Goatee Beard Styles

Image Credit: @johnblakeswigs

The long goatee beard styles focuses on length around the chin while keeping the cheeks clean shaven. This long modern beard styles is a bold choice that emphasizes the chin and mustache, perfect for adding a touch of refinement.

Full Goatee

Full long goatee beard styles includes a connected mustache.

Image Credit: @stylesatlife

Braided Goatee

Braided long goatee beard styles are longer and more pronounced, extending down the chin in braided  manner.

Image Credit: @lovehairstyles
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, Diamond
  • Prefer Hairstyle: Slick Back, Short Crop
  • Product to Use: Beard & Scruff Cream
  • Additional Tips: Trim regularly to maintain shape, use a fine toothed comb for styling.


4. Long Beard for Bald Guys

Long Beard for Bald Guys

Image Credit: @dave.vendett

Bald is bold, and pairing bald head, long beard styles takes it to the next level. This long beard for bald guys contrast highlights your facial features and express your confidence.

Full Beard

Full long beard for bald guys grows out naturally, complementing the bald head.

Image Credit: @hairy_highlander

Sculpted Beard

Sculpted long beard for bald guys is precisely trimmed for a clean look.
Image Credit: @menshaircuts
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, Round.
  • Products to UseBeard Wash, Beard Oil
  • Additional Tips: Keep it clean and moisturized, regular trims to avoid looking unkempt.

5. Long Grey Beard Styles

Long Grey Beard Styles

Image Credit: @kernefox

Age gracefully and stylishly with a long grey beard styles. Whether you're naturally grey or choosing to dye it, this men long beard styles look adds an air of wisdom and sophistication to your personality.

Natural Grey

Natural grey long grey beard styles will letting nature take its course.

Natural Long Grey Beard Styles
Image Credit: @badjeremy

Dyed Grey

Long dyed grey beard styles is good for enhancing or evening out grey tones.

Dyed Grey Long Beard Styles
Image Credit: @flickr
  • Suitable Face Shape: Square, Rectangular.
  • Prefer Hairstyle: Classic, Side Part
  • Product to UseBeard Conditioner
  • Additional Tips: Use beard dye if needed, apply beard conditioner to maintain softness.


6. Long Beard Styles with Short Hair

Long Beard Styles with Short Hair

Image Credit: @haircutinspiration 

Mix and match with a long beard styles with short hair. This short hair long beard styles combination keeps things balanced, showcasing your facial hair while maintaining a clean cut look up top notch.

Disconnected Beard

Disconnected long beard styles with short hair sharpen transition from beard to hair.

Image Credit: @bangstyle

Blended Beard

Blended long beard styles with short to medium hair is gradual transition for a more cohesive look.


7. Professional Long Beard Style

Professional Long Beard Style

Image Credit:

Yes, you can look perfect with professional long beard styles for the workplace. Keep your beard well groomed and trimmed to ensure a neat appearance. This professional long beard styles shows you mean business without sacrificing personal touch.

Tapered Beard

Taper beard for professional long beard style can be done neatly trimmed with a gradual taper.

Tapered Beard
Image Credit: @nigelclare

Corporate Beard

Corporate and professional long beard style can be carried out with clean lines and well maintained length.

Corporate Beard
Image Credit: @boldsir
  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, Square.
  • Prefer Hairstyle: Side Part, Pompadour
  • Product to Use: Beard Softener
  • Additional Tips: Regular trims; use a beard straightener if needed.


8. Long Beard Styles Muslim

Celebrate tradition and culture with a long beard styles Muslim that aligns smoothly with Muslim cultural practices. Keep it well maintained and clean to honor both your heritage and personal style.

Full Length

Full length long beard styles muslim, grows naturally to a significant length.

Full Length Beard Style Muslim

Shaped Beard

Shaped long beard styles muslim, maintained and shaped while keeping length.

Shaped Beard Style Muslim


9. French Fork Beard Style

French Fork Beard Style

Image Credit: @beardstyle

Get a little fancy with the french fork beard style. This unique long beard styles splits at the chin, creating a fork like structural appearance that's both intriguing and sophisticated.

Short Fork

The short to medium french fork beard style adds a subtle split, not overly pronounced.

Image Credit: @beardstyle

Long Fork

The long french fork beard style adds a dramatic split for a bold statement. Long Fork Beard
Image Credit:


10. Long Verdi Beard Style

Long Verdi Beard Style

Image Credit: @beardandbiceps

The Long Verdi Beard Style is named after the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, this styles for long beard features a rounded shape with a prominent mustache. It's perfect for those who appreciate a touch of classic elegance.

Classic Verdi

The classic long verdi beard style includes a rounded mustache.

Classic Verdi
Image Credit: @nextluxury


Modern Verdi

The modern long verdi beard style features a neat and trimmed with a slight curl on the mustache.

Image Credit: @badjeremy

  • Suitable Face Shape: Oval, Round.
  • Prefer Hairstyle: Slick Back, Quiff
  • Products to Use: Mustache Wax, Beard Oil
  • Additional Tips: Regular trims to maintain the length and shape.


    Final Thoughts  

    The journey to the perfect long beard styles is filled with lots of options and choices. From the fierce Viking to the distinguished Verdi, each long beards styles offers a unique path to beard for men's glory. So, whether you're a corporate professional or a free spirited human, there's a long beard style out there for you. Pick the best long beard styles, embrace the Bearded Brotherhood and let the adventure begin.



    1. Does a long beard look good? 

    Absolutely, A long beard can enhance your facial features and add character to your look. The key is to choose a style that suits your face shape and personal style.


    1. How can I style my long beard?

    Styling a long beard involves regular trimming, brushing, and using beard oil to keep it soft and manageable. Experiment with different styles to find what works best for you.


    1. Why do men grow long scraggly beards? 

    Long scraggly beards can be a personal style choice, often embraced for their rugged, natural look. Proper grooming can help tame the scraggliness while maintaining length.


    1. At what length is a beard considered long? 

    A beard is generally considered long when it extends beyond the chin and neck, typically around 3 to 4 inches or more.


    1. Is it professional to have a long beard? 

    Yes, as long as it's well groomed. A neat, trimmed long beard can look professional and sophisticated.


    1. Do beards get thicker as you age? 

    Yes, beards can get thicker with age, especially as hair density increases during the late 20s and 30s.


    1. Are long beards unhealthy? 

    No, as long as you maintain good hygiene. Regular washing, conditioning, and grooming are essential to keep your beard healthy.


    1. Should you brush a long beard? 

    Yes, brushing helps detangle and distribute natural oils, keeping your beard smooth and healthy.


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