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Daily Strengthening Conditioning Shampoo (250ml)

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Keratin-infused Daily Strengthening Conditioning Shampoo reduces hair fall and makes hair stronger and healthier. It immediately smoothes the outer surface of the hair, while deeply nourishing your hair from within.

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    At Men Deserve we are dedicated to providing superior nourishment solutions for hair without using harmful ingredients like sulphate and paraben. We believe that if you want to achieve real results you need real care that works hard each time you use it. That is why we create our products with 2 way care. To provide both instant and long term results. So over time your hair gets better and better.
    MD Daily Strengthening Conditioning Shampoo infused with Keratin Protein and Natural Vitamin E, immediately smooth the outer surface, while deeply nourishing your hair from within to make it healthier in the long run.
    10x less breakage when combing vs. non-conditioning shampoo


    Keratin Protein
    Nettle Root Extract
    Natural Vitamin E
    Natural Surfactants
    Keratin Protein
    Strengthens hair roots and smoothens hair follicles.
    Nettle Root Extract
    Prevents Hair Loss
    Natural Vitamin E
    Promotes hair growth and provides nourishment.
    Natural Surfactants
    To avoid hair damage and post-wash dryness.
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    Why choose Men Deserve Strengthening Shampoo?

    • Advanced and No. 1 powerful anti-hair loss formula for Men.
    • It is free from Sulphate, Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Silicons, Paraben & Other Harmful Chemicals.
    • No need for an extra conditioner. The result is far better than using an extra conditioner.
    • Suitable for all hair types. It is mild enough you can use it every day.

    2 reviews for Daily Strengthening Conditioning Shampoo (250ml)

    1. Raman Chaudhary

      Best product to stop hair fall. My hairs were actually getting thin and hair fall was like hell but after buying this product I feel like hair fall has gone and the quality and quantity has increased. Yeah it takes time like I do hair wash at alternate days 4 times a week so I got results after 20 days I bought this 1 month ago . 10/10 Fully satisfied 👍

    2. Aditya Rathod

      This shampoo does cleanses my hair mildly, gives me a silky smooth hair, comparatively my hair fall reduced a lot after its usage, No need for a separate conditioner as it makes my hair conditioned & nourished.

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