Trending and Cool Hairstyle in India

Celebrities with Trending and Cool Hairstyle in India


In India, people are crazy about their celebrity crush or sportsman. Their devotion towards their favorite Bollywood star or cricket star be it Shah Rukh Khan or MS Dhoni is so pure and dedicated. From their fashion styles to trending hairstyles, they own their idol’s personality wholeheartedly. Let’s figure out some celebrity's  recent and trending long and wavy hairstyles, you would like to try on and slay as your favorite stars.


Trends in India: Celebrities Cool Hairstyles

1. Shahrukh Khan with Long Hairstyle in Pathaan Movie

The festival season is here and so does the global superstar Shahrukh with back to back blockbusters movies but wait, did you notice the hairstyle in his recent movie: Pathaan and Jawan? Of course, you have not missed that after all a king without a crown is a clown. Shahrukh khan slayed the long hairstyle and carried it so gracefully, maybe that’s the secret of his charm. Recently his Pathaan movie character’s hairstyle; the long and wavy with a man burn was in trending and was a hot topic in the country and worldwide. Whenever it’s a long and wavy hairstyle, Badshah donned it like no other, remember his look in Don 2?


2. Virat Kohli's New Look in Modern Mullet for IPL 2024

Virat Kohli's latest look embraces the trendsetting modern mullet hairstyle with effortless style. The Indian cricket icon, known for his dynamic presence both on and off the field, has opted for a contemporary twist on this classic haircut. Sporting neatly trimmed sides that seamlessly blend into a longer, tousled mane at the back, Kohli's modern mullet exudes a perfect balance of sophistication and edginess. This bold men hairstyle choice reflects his fearless attitude and willingness to push boundaries, much like his approach to the game of cricket. With his charismatic charm and impeccable grooming, Virat Kohli continues to captivate fans with his ever evolving sense of fashion and individuality.      


3. Allu Arjun with Curly and Wavy Hairstyle in Pushpa 2

The stylist superstar of Indian cinema, Allu Arjun is always a style icon for youngsters and his charisma is on next level when it comes to grooming and fashion, people idolize him. His recent movie Pushpa 1: The Rule was one of the messiest movies, the movie clocked the blockbuster but the character was imprinted in our heart and mind from his hairstyle to dance we all enjoyed and followed as his diehard fan. His cool long and wavy hairstyle was one of the trending topics in the world of men grooming.          

4. MS Dhoni with Dapper and Wavy Hairstyle for IPL 2024

The coolest mastermind behind the stumps is the hottest topic amongst the paparazzi for his medium size, curly hairstyle, these days. Hope you guess the correct guys. Yes, it's our favourite MS Dhoni. He is always the person who loves experimenting with his hairstyle and that hairstyle later becomes the trend. The was on the gossip segment for his new trending long, curly hairstyle which he brought back after so many years. We have seen him with long hair during the 2007 world cup.


5. Ranbir Kapoor with Long and Wavy Hairs in Animal Movie 

December is all about Ranbir Kapoor and his movie Animal. The deadly, brutal avatar of Ranbir in his upcoming movie is absolutely one of his best. The curly wave hairstyle suits his ora and for sure it's gonna be one of the best hairstyles people gonna love. Have you checked out his hairstyle yet?         

6. Yash aka Rocky Bhai’s Coolest Long and Wavy Hair in KGF 

'Salaam Rocky Bhai' the trend setter our own beloved Rocking Star Yash, the rocking star set the big screen on fire with his acting but surely rocked the industry with his beard and hairstyle look. People went crazy for his personality and trends worldwide. Yash brings back the retro era with a modern day’s grooming segment. Yash in long hair and beard represents the greatest personality of all times. 


Today’s generation love to experiment with their hair with trending hairstyles and why not. Life is short to think twice, so just go with the flow and try some coolest and trending hairstyles as your superstars. The long and wavy hairstyle is one of the most trending hairstyles and it will suit both the bearded and clean shaved face. You can transform that hairstyle into many such as man bun, braided, curly as per your need and that suits you the best.



1. Does long hair suit boys?

Of course yes, it’s the most trending hairstyles amongst the youth these days.


2. What are the 4 male face shapes?

There are 4 basic male face shapes: Oval Shape, Round Shape, Square Shape and Diamond Shape.


3. Which face shape is best for long hairstyle men?

A square or oval face shape works best with long hair styles.


4. How to choose a hairstyle for men?

You can choose a hairstyle that suits your personality as per your face type. If you want to go with a low maintenance look, you can buzz cut for casual styles or you can go for a bolder look, such as a pompadour hairstyle.


5. Which hairstyle is trending in 2024?

These hairstyles will be in trends in Year 2024: The Man Bun, Buzz Cut, Slicked-Back Hairstyles


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