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Daily Beard Care Essential for Grooming and Trimming


Sheesham Wooden Beard Comb - 12cm

Stainless Steel Scissor

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An ideal combo for grooming and trimming beard and mustache to give your beard and hair an even and lustrous look in all seasons


  • Sheesham Wooden Beard Comb

    A perfect grooming comb for a sensitive scalp or skin and it comes with well known benefits. It prevents from scraping your scalp, protects your beard from dying by distributing oil from your scalp to hair, has a property to not conduct electricity which will prevent hair damage from static unlike plastic combs which produce static energy and snap the hair. Give your hair an even and lustrous look in all seasons.

  • Stainless Steel Scissor

    This scissor is ideal for grooming and trimming beards and mustaches. Straight Scissors are designed with thinner, shorter blades to safely and easily trim unwanted hair from beard and mustache. Sharp blades to allow for precise control, sharp point make precision cuts easy. It is durable and will last. Trim facial Hairs precisely. Shape your eyebrow. Shape false eyelashes.

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