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Trending Hair Colors, Tips and Ideas for Men


Have you ever wondered about dying or highlighting your hair with different shades of colors but deep inside you are not sure whether they will look good on you or not?

There is always a fear that my hair will get damaged by such harsh coloring, correct? Well, not every time the coloring affects you if you properly follow the guidelines and take care of your hair with proper products for styling and care. Coloring or highlighting your hair doesn’t downgrade your looks but actually it enhances your personality and styling game, if you have the correct guidance.

There are many young boys who go crazy when they see the people they admire have experimented with their hair highlighting or coloring and in such delusion, they go for the same without understanding whether those colors suit their skin tones or hair types or not and ultimately they turn out to be a disaster.

In India, majority men have brown or warm skin tones; hence we should always consider shades like burgundy, blonde, or brown for hair coloring. The one with fair skin tones can go with the same color or can go for highlights with light coolers such as blue or purple.


Difference between Hair Coloring and Hair Highlighting for Men:


Hair Coloring for Men

Hair Highlighting for Men


Changes the overall color of the hair.

Adds lighter or contrasting streaks to the hair.


Uniform color throughout the hair.

Varied tones or streaks for a textured look.


Application of hair dye to cover the entire head.

Selective application of lighter color to specific sections.


Requires touch-ups as the hair grows to maintain the consistent color.

Can be low-maintenance as regrowth is less noticeable.

Natural Look

Can achieve a natural look if matched well with the natural hair color.

Can be subtle or bold, depending on the contrast chosen.

Color Options

Allows for a wide range of color options, including natural and vibrant shades.

Typically involves lighter shades for contrast.

Time and Cost

May take longer and be more expensive due to full coverage.

Can be quicker and more cost-effective, especially for partial highlights.

Popular Styles

Solid colors, such as black, brown, or blonde.

Streaks or sections of lighter shades, like blonde or caramel.


Covers greys and provides an even color tone.

Targets specific areas, often for style rather than full coverage.

Risk of Damage

May pose a risk of damage if not done correctly or if harsh chemicals are used.

Generally lower risk as only specific sections are treated.


Trending Hair Colors/Highlights for Any Skin Tone in India

Shades of Brown

Initially, the most recommended and beautiful color to try on for every man is to go with Shades of Brown. It can be chocolate brown or copper brown. Shades of brown color can blend easily on Indian skin tone and will give your hair a new look which you were desiring for. It’s the best choice for hair colouring even if you are an academic student or a corporate person.

Shades of Burgundy

Burgundy is a Reddish-Brown shade similar to the color of the red wine. Whether you are fair skinned or brown skinned, burgundy hair color can go with any but the key is to find the right shade for you. If you are bold and don’t shy from trying new things and love experimenting with your hair coloring and styling, you must give it a try; who knows it might turn out great and enhance your fashion statement.

Ice Blonde

If you want to go bold and elegant, then Ice blonde should be on your hair coloring list. This is one of the coolest hair colors to get your hands on. This hair color involves a bleaching process to lighten the hair to a pale blonde and comes with a matte finish and not a shiny one.  You can customize it as well by adding highlight colors such as blue, violet or green if you are bold enough to try something unique.

Buttery Blonde

Buttery blonde is a warm hue with splashes of honey-yellow hair color. This color can make your hair look thicker and voluminous. The finishing touch for such coloring will always be matte and not shiny. Otherwise your hair will glow more than a lantern. Apart sometimes you need a fresh touch up once your hair roots start growing up to cover up the new grown hair lines. 

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde: Talking about this hair color, this one is the blockbuster for those who carried it out perfectly and the disaster for one who fails to do so. You can go for this one and customize it to carry your salt and pepper hairstyle which will enhance your look and a blend of black and blonde coloring looks cool and bold.

                  Types of Hair Colors for Men

                  Permanent Hair Colour

                  Permanent hair colours are the colours which when applied will penetrate deep into your hair shaft. It’s in the form of cream and will get intact with your natural hair pigment and will stay for a long period of time. Such hair colours don’t get easily washed out and it’s easy to maintain. Permanent hair colour is the best option for the one who wants to cover up their grey hairlines or are 100% sure of doing so without worrying too much.

                  Semi Permanent Hair Colour

                  Semi - Permanent hair colors are the best choice for the once who are new in the space of hair coloring or highlighting and want to experiment with cool and trendy hair colors. These colors don't penetrate deep inside your hair shaft and can be easily washed out within a few weeks after its application. This will actually get you a clear vision, to go for permanent hair coloring or not. Also, such colors are perfect for men who love experimenting with hair colors on different occasions. 

                  Temporary Hair Color

                  if you are scared of experimenting with your hair with permanent or semi permanent colors but want to try something cool and trendy, then temporary hair color is the best option for you. Generally nowadays it comes in the form of color wax or cream. These color waxes are easy to apply and can be easily washed out with a shampoo (use a sulfate free one). It actually doesn’t harm your hair or scalp if you are using a brand product for such hair coloring. 


                    Hair Care Tips after Hair Color

                    With the evolution of men grooming and styling, we love experimenting with our cool and trendy hair styling, coloring and highlighting to be unique amongst the ordinary. No matter how much we invest in enhancing our look, there are some harsh chemicals which can cause damage to our hair leading to hair fall, dry scalp and dandruff. So, if you don’t care for your hair, the hair colors or styling will fade away sooner than you expected and would lead to a bad experience. 


                    • Use Sulfate-free shampoos

                      Sulfate is one of the harsh ingredients used in shampoo which can give you quick results but later will turn your hair into the most miserable condition. It sucks out all the essential oils and moisturizers from your hair scalp and which leads to scalp dryness and irritation. So if you want to last your hair color for long and your scalp healthy, choose sulfate free shampoos, hair mask and conditioners.

                    • Shower with Cold Water

                      Try to take a shower in cold water as warm or luke water open up the hair pores and might let the hair colors penetrate through those pores and can adversely affect. So, better go for cold water than warm water.

                    • Don’t Wash Hair Regularly

                      Wash your hair to keep it healthy and thick but not on regular bases. There are no fixed standards set that we should wash our hair 3-4 times a week or such. Wash your hair with a good sulfate free shampoo but whenever it’s required to prevent itching or dryness. 

                    • Use Heat/UV Protectant Products

                      If you are into styling your hair then use a sulfate free cream, wax or serum which can actually protect your hair from sunlight and UV rays. Always remember to protect your hair and maintain its good health.


                    In the world of grooming, the evolution in hair styling is moving at top speed and we all love to try new and trending things with our hair at least once in a while. There is no harm in experimenting something new and taking a bold step but take it with all precautions and care. Now, you at least are aware about hair colours, let us know in comments which hair colour you have as of now and would like to try one! 


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