Hairstylists of the Month (December’23 Edition)

Hairstylists of the Month (December’23 Edition)


In the ever-evolving world of men's grooming, talented hairstylists play a pivotal role in shaping trends and helping individuals express their unique styles. This month, we shine the spotlight on a few extraordinary hairstylists who have not only mastered their craft but have also left an indelible mark on the grooming industry. Let's dive into the stories and styles of these trendsetters.


Hairstylists of the Month December 2023

Vishal Dogra (Barber Nation Salon)

Credit: @thebarbernationin

Vishal Dogra, the creative force behind the scissors at Barber Nation Salon, is a name synonymous with precision and innovation. With years of experience, Vishal has mastered the art of blending classic styles with modern trends, creating looks that stand out. His attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction make him a sought-after hairstylist in men’s grooming.

Bony Sasidharan

Credit: @bony.sasi
Bony Sasidharan is not just a hairstylist; he's a trendsetter. With a passion for pushing boundaries and experimenting with new styles, Bony brings a fresh perspective to hair styling and grooming. His ability to understand the individuality of each client and tailor hairstyles accordingly sets him apart. Whether it's a classic cut or a bold, avant-garde look, Bony's expertise shines through.


Umang Bhatia (Chetana Hair Salon)

Credit: @chetanahairsalon

Umang Bhatia at Chetana Hair Salon, is redefining men's grooming with his distinctive approach. Umang's knack for understanding the latest trends and adapting them to suit his clients' personalities has earned him a loyal clientele. His commitment to continuous learning and staying ahead of the curve makes him a true trailblazer in hairstyling.

Faisal Ansari (Kismat Hair Connection Salon)


Faisal Ansari, the driving force behind the scissors at Kismat Hair Connection Salon, is known for his transformative touch. With a keen eye for face shapes and personal styles, Faisal crafts hairstyles that enhance each client's unique features. His ability to blend traditional techniques with contemporary trends makes him a standout hairstylist, earning praise from clients and peers alike.


Final Thoughts

These five hairstylists – Vishal Dogra, Bony Sasidharan, Umang Bhatia and Faisal Ansari– are not just professionals; they are artists shaping the landscape of men's grooming. Their dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence make them worthy of the title "Hairstylists of the Month." As we celebrate their achievements, let's also acknowledge the impact they've had on the ever-evolving world of men's hairstyling. Cheers to these trailblazers who continue to redefine the art of grooming!

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