Trending Quiff Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Trendiest Quiff Hairstyles for Men in 2024


The quiff continues to evolve, with various adaptations that cater to different personalities and fashion preferences in the Year 2024. Let’s dive and explore the different types of quiff hairstyles that are set to make waves in the men's grooming this year.


Type of Quiff Hairstyles for Men

  1. Classic Quiff
  2. Textured Quiff
  3. Undercut Quiff
  4. Slicked Back Quiff
  5. Messy Quiff


1. Classic Quiff

The classic quiff is a timeless favorite hairstyle that will never go off style. The classic quiff is the best choice for men who appreciate a sophisticated yet effortlessly cool appearance. This style is achieved by using a strong hold styling product to add height and definition.

 Classic Quiff Hairstyle


2. Textured Quiff

This style involves adding texture to the hair for a slightly messy and rugged look. By using a texturizing spray or wax, men can achieve a modern and effortlessly cool quiff that reflects a sense of charm.

 Textured Quiff

  • Face Shape: Oval, Heart or Diamond Faces.
  • Hair Type: Medium to Thick Hair.
  • Occasion: Casual Outings, Everyday Wear.
  • Product Recommendation: Clay Wax


3. Undercut Quiff

The undercut quiff is a fusion of modern and traditional styles. It's a bold choice that adds an extra edge to the overall appearance. For styling an undercut quiff hairstyle, you can use a strong hold pomade or styling clay to add volume and texture to the quiff.

Undercut Quiff

  • Face Shape: Oval, Square or Oblong Faces.
  • Hair Type: Suits Various Hair Textures.
  • Occasion: Edgy or Trendy Events, Casual Outings.
  • Product Recommendation: Pomade


4. Slicked Back Quiff

For a polished and refined aesthetic, the slicked back quiff is an excellent option. It's a versatile hairstyle that can transition seamlessly from a formal setting to a more relaxed look, making it suitable for various occasions. For a slicked back quiff, you can go with a hair wax or pomade for natural shine finish hair styling.

 Slicked Back Quiff

  • Face Shape: Oval, Rectangular or Heart Shaped Faces.
  • Hair Type: Straight to Slightly Wavy Hair.
  • Occasion: Formal Occasions, Business Events.
  • Product Recommendation: Pomade


5. Messy Quiff

Looking for more carefree and effortlessly stylish vibe? Then the messy quiff is perfect for those who prefer a low maintenance yet fashionable hairstyle. Achieved by tousling the hair with a styling product, this look is ideal for men with a laid back attitude towards grooming.

 Messy Quiff

  • Face Shape: Oval, Round or Square Faces.
  • Hair Type: Medium Length Hair.
  • Occasion: Casual, Relaxed Settings, Weekend Outings.
  • Product Recommendation: Hair Cream 



As men continue to experiment with their personal style, the quiff remains a go to choice for those seeking a trendy and adaptable hairstyle. Whether you opt for the classic, textured, undercut, slicked back, or messy quiff, the key lies in finding the style that complements your personality and enhances your overall personality. In 2024, the world of quiff hairstyles is diverse and exciting, offering something for every man looking to make a statement with his hair.



  1. What is a quiff hair style for men?

A quiff haircut or style for men involves in styling hair on the top of the head to create a voluminous, upward swept look


  1. What to ask the barber for a quiff?

When getting a quiff haircut, ask the barber for a tapered or faded cut on the sides, leaving more length and texture on the top for styling.


  1. What is a quiff undercut?

A quiff undercut combines the quiff hairstyle with an undercut, featuring short sides and back with a longer, styled top.


  1. Are quiffs attractive?

Fashion and grooming standards can vary with times but many find quiffs attractive irrespective to time.


  1. Is quiff good for round face?

Yes, it can go well with round face to enhance overall facial appearance.


  1. How long does quiff last?

That depends on person’s hair type, styling products used and daily activities.


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