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Hair Conditioning Mask For Men

Qty: 100ml

Formulated For Hair Fall Control
Nourishes and Strengthens Hair
Helps Repair Damaged Hair
Restores Natural Shine
Reduces Hair Breakage
Promotes Hair Growth
Suitable For All Hair Types

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    Men Deserve Hair Conditioning Mask, a powerful solution infused with the goodness of Keratin and Soya Protein to tackle hair fall and promote healthier, stronger hair. Designed specifically for men, this exceptional hair care product goes beyond conditioning to prevent breakage, repair damage, and enhance overall hair quality. With its unique blend of nourishing ingredients, it provides deep hydration and strengthens each strand, resulting in reduced hair fall and improved manageability. Experience the transformative effects of the Men Deserve Hair Conditioning Mask as it revitalizes your hair, leaving it resilient, protected, and looking its best. Say goodbye to hair concerns and hello to confident, healthy-looking hair with this exceptional product from Men Deserve.

    Key Ingredients

    • Soya Protein

      Reduces hair breakage.

    • Keratin Protein

      Repair damaged hair.

    • Shea Butter

      Provides hair nourishment.

    • Argan Oil

      Improves hair strength.

    Our Products Are

    Sulphate-Free, Paraben-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Petroleum-Free and Free from all Other Harmful Chemicals.


    We work on our ways to improve how men are presented to the world and for that we have left no stones unturned. We always use the highest-quality ingredients to create the best-performing formulas for you.