Top Men's Undercut Haircut in Style for 2024

Top 25 Men's Undercut Haircut in Style for 2024

Undercut Haircut is the Rockstar of Men's Hairstyles in 2024

Undercut Hairstyle for Men

From the corporates boardroom to the parties and bar, the undercut haircut is your ticket to turning heads and making a sharp and impactful statements. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, this guide to the top 25 men's undercut haircuts will have help you look sharp, sleek and effortlessly cool. Buckle up, gents - it's time to undercut the competition and lead the pack in style.


What is a Mens Undercut?

The mens undercut is a popular hairstyle where the hair on the top of the head is kept a bit long while the sides and back are cut much shorter. This creates a striking contrast between the lengths, offering a sleek and edgy appearance of a man. The versatility of the mens undercut allows for various styling options on top, such as slicking it back, creating a pompadour or leaving it messy and textured. The undercut hairstyle for men is suitable for different hair types and face shapes, making it a go to option for men seeking a modern and trendy appearance.


Top 25 Men's Undercut Haircut in Style

1. Short Undercut Hairstyle

Short Undercut Hairstyle

Image Credit: @masculair

The undercut men short hair style is perfect for guys who want a low maintenance yet stylish short undercut hairstyles. The short undercut blend clean sides with a bit of length on top, offering comfortable look for both casual to formal settings.


2. Undercut Men Medium Hair

Undercut Men Medium Hair
Image Credit: @masculair


The undercut men medium hair is ideal for those men with medium length hair, this undercut male medium hair style keeps the sides neat while allowing for creative styling on top, whether it's a messy textured look or a sleek comb over undercut hairstyles men medium length.


3. Male Undercut Medium Hair Asian

Male Undercut Medium Hair Asian
Image Credit: @lovehairstyles


Popular among Asian men, this male undercut medium hair asian style combines a sharp undercut with medium length hair, often styled with a modern twist like a side swept undercut or a subtle quiff for a distinct overall appearance.


4. Male Undercut Medium Hair Straight

Male Undercut Medium Hair Straight
Image Credit: @badjeremy


The male undercut medium hair straight benefits from the medium length undercut by adding volume and structure, perfect for achieving a polished appearance that transitions seamlessly from work to play.


5. Long Hair Undercut Men

Long Hair Undercut Men

Image Credit: @badjeremy

Long hair undercut men has always embrace length while maintaining an edgy look since ages. This undercut and long hair style pairs shaved sides with flowing locks on top, allowing for experimentation with ponytails, braids or a loose, natural flow.


6. Hair Undercut Man Bun

Hair Undercut Man Bun
Image Credit: @mens-talk


Hair undercut man bun blends rugged masculinity with practical styling. This male long hair with undercut look keeps hair off the face while showcasing the bold shaved sides, ideal for active lifestyles.


7. Male Undercut Hair Middle Part

Male Undercut Hair Middle Part

Image Credit: @lookosm


For a  trendy and modern twist on guys long hair undercut, consider a male undercut hair middle part. This undercut hairstyle men long hair style offers symmetry and balance, creating a refined yet relaxed appearance suitable for various events and occasions.


8. Low Undercut Men Long Hair

Low Undercut Men Long Hair

Maintain low undercut men long hair that subtly tapers from longer hair on top to shorter sides, providing a clean, sophisticated look and also easy to maintain and style.

  • Face Shape: Oblong, Oval
  • Occasion: Business, Casual
  • Products: Smoothing Cream, Hairbrush


9. Male Undercut Long Hair Straight

Male Undercut Long Hair Straight

The male undercut long hair straight benefits from the undercut's contrast, enhancing sleekness and manageability. This male undercut long hair straight style pairs well with minimalist grooming routines while making a bold statement.


10. Undercut Short Sides Long Top

Undercut Short Sides Long Top
Image Credit: @menshaircuts


A classic choice that remains popular, the undercut short sides long top offers versatility with length on top for styling variations like spikes, slick backs or messy textures and short sides.


11. Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut
Image Credit: @latest-hairstyles


Sweep hair to one side for a dynamic side swept undercut style that balances sleekness with movement. This undercut side parting look suits a variety of face shapes and hair textures, adding dimension and elegance.


12. Side Part Undercut

Side Part Undercut
Image Credit: @boldsir


Combine timeless elegance with modern flair by incorporating a side part undercut. This undercut haircut men style expresses sophistication and can be adapted for formal or casual settings effortlessly.


13. Undercut Men Curly Hair

Undercut Men Curly Hair
Image Credit: @zerokaata

Undercut men curly hair provides structure and definition which embrace natural curls or opt for controlled waves on top while keeping the sides clean for a striking contrast.

  • Face Shape: Oval, Heart
  • Occasion: Casual, Semi formal Events
  • Products: Curl Cream, Diffuser


14. Male Undercut Long Hair Curly

Male Undercut Long Hair Curly
Image Credit: @hebertzuri


Enhance curls with a long hair undercut that celebrates texture and volume. This male undercut long hair curly style offers freedom to experiment with curls on top while maintaining a tidy appearance on the sides.

  • Face Shape: Oval, Oblong
  • Occasion: Festivals, Casual
  • Products: Leave In Conditioner, Curl Enhancer


15. Undercut Men Wavy Hair

Undercut Men Wavy Hair
Image Credit: @boldsir


The undercut men wavy hair is a trendy option amongst the young boys which allows waves on top to take center stage. This undercut haircut men wavy hair style suits those who prefer a laid back yet polished look.


16. Undercut Fade

Undercut Fade

Image Credit: @boldsir


Blend traditional barbering techniques with modern aesthetics by opting for an undercut fade. This gradual undercut haircut with fade transition from longer to shorter hair creates a seamless finish that’s both sharp and stylish. You can experiment with low fade undercut, mid fade undercut or high fade undercut for men.


17. Undercut Designs Male

Undercut Designs Male
Image Credit: @teeldo


Add a personal touch to your undercut with intricate undercut designs male, shaved into the sides. From geometric patterns to abstract art designs and pattern, these designs showcase artistry, individuality and creativity.


18. Disconnected Undercut Men

Disconnected Undercut Men
Image Credit: @latest-hairstyles


Emphasize contrast with a disconnected undercut men, that sharply separates longer hair on top from shaved sides. This bold undercut haircut highlights facial features and adds an edge to any look.


19. Undercut Mullet Men

Undercut Mullet Men
Image Credit: @menshaircuts


Revive retro vibes with an undercut mullet men, that pairs short sides with longer hair at the back. This daring mens undercut blends punk rock with modern sensibilities for a statement making appearance.


20. Undercut Asian Men

Undercut Asian Men

Asian men can explore various undercut asian men styles tailored to their hair texture and face shape, from classic cuts to twists that reflect personal style and cultural influences.


21. Undercut Black Men

Undercut Black Men
Image Credit: @menshaircuts


Celebrate texture and versatility with an undercut black men. Whether it’s tightly coiled curls or a smooth buzz cut, this undercut mens haircut complements natural hair patterns effortlessly.

  • Face Shape: Oval, Square
  • Occasion: Casual, Formal
  • Products: Moisturizing Pomade, Clippers


22. Undercut with Beard

Undercut with Beard

Image Credit: @behance

Combine rugged masculinity with sharp sophistication by pairing an undercut with a well groomed beard. This undercut with beard combination enhances facial features while maintaining a cohesive, masculine persona.


23. Textured Undercut

Textured Undercut
Image Credit: @lovehairstyles


Achieve a tousled, effortless look with a textured undercut that adds volume and movement. This undercut hairstyle is perfect for those who prefer a relaxed yet stylish appearance.


24. Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut
Image Credit: @haircutinspiration


If you are looking for a polished aesthetic, then choose slicked back undercut that expresses sophistication. This timeless mens undercut hairstyles suits formal occasions and professional settings, showcasing refined grooming.


25. Undercut Mohawk

Undercut Mohawk

Image Credit: @menshaircuts


Make a bold statement with an undercut mohawk that merges shaved sides with a dramatic crest of hair running from forehead to nape. This edgy undercut mens hairstyles is perfect for daring individuals who crave attention and spotlight.


Final Thoughts

Above mentioned, these top and best 25 men's undercut haircut styles for 2024 offers a catchy blend of tradition, innovation and style, allowing you to express your persona through your hairstyles. There are variety of options for undercut hairstyle for men that can be styled as per the choice and preferences and also that fits your lifestyle and enhances your individuality. Stay on trends of men's grooming and fashion and choose the undercut haircut that speaks to your vibe and upgrade your hairstyling game this year.



1. Is an undercut a good idea for men?

Yes, an undercut is a great idea for men. It offers a stylish and versatile look that can be tailored to suit various hair types and personal styles. From sleek and professional to edgy and bold, an undercut can enhance your appearance and keep you on-trend.


2. How to grow out an undercut male?

Growing out an undercut requires patience and regular trims to blend the longer top with the shorter sides. Gradually trim the longer hair while allowing the shorter hair to grow, maintaining an even length throughout. Using styling products can help manage the transition and keep your hair looking neat.


3. What face shape is best for undercut?

The undercut is versatile and can suit various face shapes. However, it particularly complements oval, square, and round face shapes. The contrast created by the shorter sides and longer top can add definition and balance to your features, enhancing your overall look.


4. What is considered medium hair for guys?

Medium hair for guys typically ranges from 2 to 6 inches in length. This length offers versatility for various styles, including textured looks, waves, and undercuts. It’s long enough to style in different ways but still manageable and easy to maintain.


5. Is an undercut just a fade?

No, an undercut is not just a fade. While both involve shorter sides and longer hair on top, an undercut features a more distinct contrast between the top and sides, often with a sharp demarcation. A fade, on the other hand, involves a gradual blending of hair length from short to long, creating a seamless transition.


6. Is undercut still in 2024?

Absolutely, the undercut remains a popular and trendy choice in 2024. Its versatility and ability to adapt to various hair types and styles ensure it stays relevant and fashionable, making it a go-to option for modern men.


7. What is the problem with undercut?

One potential problem with an undercut is the maintenance required to keep it looking sharp. Regular trims are necessary to maintain the contrast between the top and sides. Additionally, growing out an undercut can be challenging, requiring time and effort to achieve a balanced look.


8. Are undercuts still cool men?

Yes, undercuts are still cool for men. They offer a contemporary, stylish look that can be customized to suit individual preferences. Whether you opt for a classic, textured, or bold design, undercuts continue to be a fashionable and attractive hairstyle choice.


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