Discover the Latest Men's Blazer Trends for 2024

Discover the Latest Men's Blazer Trends for 2024


The world of men's fashion is ever-evolving, and the year 2024 is no exception. When it comes to formal wear, the classic blazer continues to hold its ground as a timeless and versatile piece. In this blog, we'll explore the latest designs in men's blazers for 2024, offering insights into how to style them for Indian weddings, formal occasions, and even casual outings.

Let's discuss few occasions where donning a blazer can transform your look and leave an everlasting impression.

1. Blazers for Men at Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are known for their grand celebrations and dressing appropriately for these occasions is crucial. A well-tailored blazer can add a touch of sophistication to your traditional attire. Opt for rich, vibrant colors that complement the atmosphere. Pairing a contrasting blazer with a classic kurta and churidar or even a stylish sherwani can make you stand out in the crowd, striking the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary style.

2. Formal Blazers for Men at Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate, a blazer is a must-have wardrobe staple for men. A well-fitted, formal blazer reflects professionalism. Classic colors such as navy, charcoal or black are ideal choices for the corporate world. Combine your blazer with tailored trousers, a crisp dress shirt and a tie to complete the sophisticated look. Whether it's a board meeting or a client presentation, a well-chosen blazer can enhance your overall professional personality.


3. Blazer for Men with Jeans for Casual Outings

Gone are the days when blazers were strictly reserved for formal occasions. Today’s fashion demands experimentation with clothing and pairing a blazer with jean has become a style segment in the recent times. This smart-casual combination strikes the perfect balance between casual and sophistication over look. Opt for a blazer in lighter shades or patterns and pair it with well-fitted jeans and a stylish t-shirt or a casual shirt. This ensemble is perfect for a casual dinner, a weekend brunch or a night out with friends, allowing you to effortlessly transition from day to night with style.

Type of Blazers for Men

A well-dressed man understands the power of a blazer and its impact on your personality enhancement. Let's explore some types of blazers that every man should consider adding to his clothing wardrobe collection:

1. Classic Navy Blazer for Men


The timeless navy blazer which never fade away with changing times or seasons. It reflects sophistication and can be paired with a range of outfits, from formal trousers to jeans. Its versatility makes it suitable for both office meetings and evening gatherings.

2. Grey Tweed Blazer for Men

A grey tweed blazer adds a touch of texture and warmth to your appearance. This blazer pairs well with chinos or trousers. It strikes the perfect balance between casual and formal, making it suitable for various occasions and events.

3. Charcoal Black Blazer for Men

For a sleek and polished look, a charcoal black blazer is a must-have. This versatile piece can be worn with formal trousers for business meetings or paired with dark jeans for a smart casual appearance. It's a wardrobe essential that never goes out of style.

4. Checked Blazer for Men

Credit: @StyleCoordinators

This type of blazers adds a touch of flair to your outfit and can be a great choice for semi-formal events, social gatherings or dinner outings. Choose subtle patterns for a more refined look.


5. Double-Breasted Blazer for Men


If you want to make a bold statement, then a double-breasted blazer should be your choice. This style has made a comeback in recent years, offering a sophisticated and powerful look. Opt for neutral tones like navy or charcoal for a classic yet contemporary appearance.


    How to Choose a Blazer for Men?

    Here are some tips to choose a blazer that can help you make the perfect choice with respect to your personal styling at different occasion:

    1. Fit Check

    Ensure that the blazer fits well in the shoulders, chest and waist. A well-tailored blazer enhances your silhouette and reflects confidence.

    2. Fabric

    Different fabrics convey different vibes. Choose wool for a classic, formal look and opt for linen or cotton for a more casual feel. Velvet and silk are excellent choices for special occasions.

    3. Occasion

    Choose your blazer according to the event. Formal occasions demand classic colors and styles, while more casual settings allow for experimentation with patterns and textures.

    4. Colors Experiment

    While classic colors are timeless, don't shy away from experimenting with bold shades. A well-chosen color can add a modern and refreshing touch to your personality.

    5. Budget Considerations

    Blazer prices can vary with times and season, so it's important to establish a budget before you start shopping or tailoring. Look for sales, discounts, or consider purchasing during off-seasons for better deals.


    Shirt to Wear Under Blazer!

    Choosing the right shirt to wear under a blazer can be a crucial sometimes as it sets the tone for your overall personality that can enhance or can be a big blunder. Let’s simplify this and explore the choices of shirts we can pair with the various blazer as per the requirement and preferences.


    Blazer Color

    Recommended Shirt Colors

    Styling Tips

    Navy Blazer

    White, Light Blue, Light Grey

    Avoid dark-colored shirts to maintain contrast.

    Black Blazer

    Light Blue, Lavender, White

    Lighter shades provide a sophisticated contrast.

    Grey Blazer

    White, Black, Pastels

    Versatile choices that go with various shades of grey.

    Black Blazer

    White, Light Grey, Bold Colors

    Avoid black shirts to prevent a monotone appearance.

    Brown Blazer

    Light Blue, Beige, Earth Tones

    Experiment with patterns like checks.

    Tweed Blazer

    Solid Colors, Classic Patterns

    A white or light blue shirt is a safe option.


    Remember, it's not just about the shirt itself but how you style it that makes the difference. Experiment with different combinations to find the one that suits your personal style best.


    Mismatching Blazer and Pants!

    When it comes to fashion, breaking the rules can sometimes lead to the most stylish and unique outcome. Mismatching blazers and pants has become a trend that allows for creativity and personal expression. However, doing it right requires a good knowledge of colors, patterns and styling. Let’s explore the same for better understanding:


    Blazer Color

    Recommended Pants Colors

    Styling Tips

    Navy Blue

    Grey, Khaki, White

    Avoid matching with dark blues to prevent a uniform look.


    Charcoal, Navy, Beige

    Experiment with both light and dark pants for various occasions.


    Tan, Olive, Cream

    Avoid pairing with black pants.


    Grey, Charcoal, White

    Avoid an all-black ensemble for a more casual setting.


    Light Grey

    Adds a pop of color while maintaining a polished appearance.

    Bold or Patterned

    Black, Navy, Grey

    Ensure the pants complement the blazer's color palette for a balanced look.

    Velvet or Silk Blazer

    Classic Denim Jeans

    For a touch of luxury, pair a velvet or silk blazer with classic denim jeans.


    Mismatching blazers and pants can be a fun and stylish way to express your personality through fashion. By understanding color coordination and following some basic tips, you can confidently experiment with different combinations to showcase your personal style.


    What to Wear Under a Blazer Apart From Shirt?

    While a shirt will always be a reliable choice to wear under a blazer but don't shy away from experimenting with different options such as t-shirts, polos, vests and even turtlenecks. Let’s explore into the possibilities of what you can wear under a blazer, ranging from casual to more sophisticated options.

    1. T-Shirt under a Blazer

    T-shirts under blazers might seem like an unconventional choice, but when done right it can enhance your cool aesthetic personality. Opt for plain or minimalistic patterned T-shirts in neutral tones to keep it sophisticated.

    2. Polo under a Blazer

    Polo t-shirt under blazer is the perfect balance between casual and formal. They add a hint of sporty touch to your outfit while maintaining a polished appearance. Choose a slim-fitting polo in a solid color to pair with your blazer. This combination works well for occasions such as weekend parties, casual meetings or dates.

    3. Vest under a Blazer

    For a bold and fashion-forward approach, consider wearing a vest under your blazer. This layering is ideal for those who want to make a bold style statement without compromising on elegance. Choose a vest in a complementary color or pattern and ensure that it fits well to maintain a distinctive impression.

    4. Turtleneck under a Blazer

    During winters, a turtleneck can be an excellent alternative to the traditional shirt. Choose a fine-knit turtleneck in a neutral shade to maintain a sophisticated aesthetic. This combination adds a layer of warmth while enhancing timeless elegance that is perfect for occasions like weddings or family gatherings.


    Whether you're aiming for a casual, sporty or elegant look, theses were few of the alternatives you can experiment with, to explore and enhance your styling that suits your personality.



    In the world of men's fashion, the year 2024 beckons individuals to embrace versatility and creativity. Whether attending a grand celebration, a corporate event or a casual outing, the well-chosen blazer can mark an everlasting impression and can enhance your overall personality, symbolizing timeless elegance.



    1. Is T-shirt and blazer formal?

    A T-shirt and blazer combination is generally considered semi-formal, suitable for casual occasions.

    2. Can I wear jeans under blazer?

    Yes, for a smart and casual style, but choose dark, well-fitted jeans.

    3. Can you wear polo with blazer?

    Yes, for a casual yet polished appearance.

    4. Can you wear a tie with a blazer?

    Yes, it adds a formal touch. Choose a complementary color and pattern.

    5. Can I wear a black blazer with blue pants?

    Yes, pairing a black blazer with blue pants is a classic combination for a polished look.


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