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With the evolution of men's fashion and grooming, the blue blazer stands as a timeless clothing attire for men. Whether you're aiming for a professional corporate look with a royal blue blazer or want to look elegant with a navy blue blazer, this guide is your go-to resource for mastering the art of pairing and accessorizing. Let’s dive into the ocean of shades of blue blazers for men.


Types of Blue Blazer for Men

Navy Blue Blazer


The navy blue blazer is an essential part of men's fashion, reflecting classic persona. The rich, deep shade ensures a polished appearance, making it an ideal choice for both professional and social events like corporate meetings.

Royal Blue Blazer


For those seeking a royal and bold look, the royal blue blazer is the perfect choice for them. Pair it with neutral color pants or denim for a fashion-forward styling. It can be donned in ceremonies like weddings and special occasions.


Light Blue Blazer

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Embrace casual moments with a light blue blazer. Perfect for daytime events and casual events, this shade adds a refreshing touch to your aura. Pair it with khakis or light colored chinos for a breezy, relaxed overall look.

Patterned Blue Blazers


Elevate your style by opting for a patterned blue blazer whether its checks or patterns that can add texture to enhance your outfit.


Royal Blue Blazer Combination 

Pair your Royal Blue Blazer with a White Cotton Shirt and Blue Pants.This combination is perfect for formal events, business meetings or a corporate dinner.

Pairing the Royal Blue Blazer with Grey/Beige Trousers and a Subtly Patterned Shirt strikes a balance between classic and contemporary, making it suitable for various casual occasions and events like parties or festivities.


Pairing the Royal Blue Blazer with a Vertically Striped Shirt and Light Grey/Beige Pants is both a modern and sophisticated combination which makes it ideal for social events and parties.


Navy Blue Blazer Combination

Pairing your Navy Blue Blazer with Tailored Black/Grey Trousers or Pants with a White Shirt and a Silk Tie for a polished finish. Complete the look with black oxford shoes. This pairing is for a formal and corporate event.

Pairing your Navy Blue Blazer with Light Beige Chinos for a casual look. Opt for a solid color shirt and finish with brown loafers or boots. You can try this combination for a semi casual occasion or event.


Pair your Navy Blue Blazer with Denim Jeans. Choose a casual shirt or a T-shirt. Complete the look with brown color sneakers or loafers. You can try out this pairing for casual outings or gatherings.


Pairing your Navy Blue Blazer with grey color trousers. Opt for a fitted shirt/t-shirt in a complementary color. Consider adding a pocket square for a touch of flair. This combination is best for date nights.


Tips to Go with Donning a Blue Blazer.

Pants Go Best With Blue Blazer 

Neutral colored pants like grey, khaki, or beige can go smooth and easy with a blue blazer. Darker shades such as navy or charcoal can also work well for a more formal appearance.


Shirt to Wear With Blue Blazer

A white shirt is a timeless pairing with a blue blazer. Light blue or light pink shirts can add a touch of color while maintaining a polished look. For a bolder choice, consider patterned shirts.


Shoes Best Paired With Blue Blazer

Brown shoes, particularly in shades like tan or oxford compliment well with a blue blazer. They offer a classic and versatile choice. Black shoes can also work, especially for more formal occasions.


Tie to Wear with Blue Blazer

For formal events, a silk tie in a solid color like burgundy, navy or deep red is a sophisticated choice. Patterned ties can add flair but ensure they complement the shirt and blazer colors.



In the world of men's fashion where trends come and go, the blue blazer would stands as a timeless emblem of elegance.  The versatility of the blue blazer knows no bounds, from the classic navy to the vibrant royal blue and the casual charm of light blue; we've navigated the spectrum of possibilities, offering insights into pairings that span formal events, semi-casual occasions, casual outings and date nights. As we conclude, let this blog serve as your compassion in the world of men's fashion, empowering you to express your personality with confidence.



How do you pair a blue blazer?
Pair your blue blazer with shirts in white, light blue along with neutral color pants like grey or khaki for professional and dapper outcomes.
Are blue blazers still in style?
Absolutely, Blue blazers remain timeless attire for men sense ages and still a hot topic in the men's fashion world.
What color shirt to wear with navy blazer and khaki pants?
Opt for a white shirt or light blue shirt to go elegant with navy blazer and khaki pants.
Should you wear dark or light jeans with a navy blazer?
For casual appearance, you can go with light jeans with navy blue blazer and for formal look go with dark ones. 
What color pants go best with a blue blazer?
Neutral color like grey, khaki go well with a blue blazer. 


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