Top Wedding Hairstyle Trends For Men In 2024

Wedding Hairstyle Trend For Men 2024


The year 2024 brings a fresh wave of sophistication and style to the world of men's wedding hairstyles. Gone are the days when a simple trim was sufficient for the wedding occasion. Today, men are just as eager to experiment with their looks and make a style statement on wedding events and ceremonies.

Let’s explore the top wedding hairstyle trends for men in 2024, featuring the most popular styles that are sure to leave a lasting mark on the big day.


Top Wedding Hairstyle Trends For Men In 2024

The Classic Pompadour

The Classic Pompadour

The timeless pompadour offers a sophisticated and polished look for grooms and groomsmen. The classic pompadour adds an element of vintage charm, making it a perfect choice for traditional weddings or those with a retro theme.


The Modern Quiff 

Modern Quiff with Tapered Sides

For groom and groomsmen, who want a contemporary and edgy vibe, the modern quiff is a top notch choice. The modern quiff reflects your confidence and style, making it ideal for fashion forward groomsmen looking to make a statement.


Undercut with Textured Top

Undercut with Textured Top

The undercut has been a popular choice for several years and in 2024, it gets a refreshing update with a textured top. Groomsmen can play with the texture, opting for a messy, tousled look or a more defined and structured finish. The undercut with a textured top is versatile, suiting both formal and casual wedding outfits.


Slicked Back

Slicked Back

For a touch of timeless elegance, the slicked-back hairstyle remains a classic choice. Groomsmen can achieve this look by combing back their hair with a high-shine product for a polished finish. This style works exceptionally well for weddings with a formal or black-tie dress code, adding a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance.


Long Waves and Curls

Long Waves and Curls

In 2024, longer hairstyles for men will gain popularity and for weddings, long waves and curls are stealing the spotlight. Long waves and curls offer a relaxed and effortlessly charming look, perfect for outdoor weddings.



As wedding fashion continues to evolve, so do the choices for men's hairstyles. Whether opting for a refined pompadour, a contemporary quiff, a slicked back look, or long waves, the key is to choose a style that complements the your personality and the overall wedding theme. With these top wedding hairstyle trends, you can confidently walk down, showcasing your hairstyle and making a lasting impression on the special event.



What is the best hairstyle for a man's wedding?

The best hairstyle for a man's wedding depends on personal preference and the overall wedding theme, but classic choices like a well groomed short or medium-length haircut or a neatly styled side part are timeless and sophisticated.

How to do hair for wedding men?

To do hair for a wedding, start by consulting with a skilled barber for a suitable haircut, then focus on maintaining healthy hair through regular trims and proper grooming. Consider the wedding theme and personal style when deciding on the final hairstyle.

What is the most trending hairstyle for men?

The most trending hairstyle for men can vary but textured crops, fades with longer tops and modern takes on classic styles like the pompadour or quiff have been popular.

What is the best hairstyle for wedding?

The best hairstyle for a wedding depends on the individual's preferences, facial features and the wedding theme. Classic choices like a well-maintained short or medium-length haircut or a styled side part are often considered timeless and suitable for weddings.


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